Our aim is to help educate in the definition of Human Trafficking; the effects of Human Trafficking and the different types of Human trafficking.

Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime globally because the risk is low and the profit is high.  When drugs have been sold and used – the transaction is finished.  When a human is trafficked they can be bought and sold over and over again.  It is estimated that 9 million people now trafficked globally and between 10,000 -13,000 of those are exploited at any one time here in the UK.

This is serious and organised crime.  It’s hugely profitable to those that exploit others.  Its effects on victim’s can be devastating.  We, as a society can all play our part in the eradication of Human Trafficking and it starts with education.

If you or your school would like a copy of our Education Pack then please contact us This resource provides an induction package for teachers working to educate students in both schools and colleges.   We hope you find this package useful as you introduce your students to the harsh realities that are Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking. 

Included in the pack:

  • ·         Lesson 1, English
  • ·         Lesson 2, History
  • ·         Lesson 3, Music
  • ·         Lesson 4, Drama
  • ·         Case Studies
  • ·         Prayers & Reflection
  • ·         Worksheets
  • ·         Factsheets
  • ·         Other resources