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What we are fundraising for

Throughout the year, we raise money for specific items or services that aim to improve the lives of modern slavery survivors, both in the UK and abroad. Through our fundraising appeals, we also aim to raise awareness and share the stories of those that we help, to demonstrate the impact of your donations and highlight where more support is needed.

If you’re unsure which appeal you’d like to support and would like to support our work in general, please select the donate button below.

Summer activities

Wellbeing activities delivered in our safe-houses and through our Moving On Project, aim to empower survivors to learn new skills, manage their stress and anxiety, and build confidence and self-esteem.

We deliver a range of activities, including growing vegetables in our allotments, craft sessions and yoga classes, daytrips to the seaside or visits to the zoo.

Activities are often based on requests from service users, such as Patrick who told us he’d love to see the sea. A daytrip to the seaside was arranged for everyone at the safe-house, complete with fish and chips and ice cream!

Patrick now eats ice cream as a grounding technique for when he is struggling to cope with the trauma of exploitation. It helps to remind him of the good times he’s had since leaving his exploitive situation.

£10 could buy seeds to plant on our allotments, helping to improve our service users’ physical and mental wellbeing

£50 could go towards a workshops for survivors living in the community, helping them to find friendship and support

£100 could buy books for adults and children, allowing them to focus on their wellbeing through reading

£250 could provide a day-trip for safe-house residents, allowing them to experience new things and create positive memories

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