Women walking in the park Women walking in the park

Join the freedom family

Regular givers keep us going

Knowing that we have monthly donations means we can plan for the future and invest in projects that make communities stronger and people less vulnerable to the risk of exploitation.

By joining our Freedom Family, you’ll be part of a community who are committed to bringing an end to modern slavery.

How we will use your donations

Your donations will be directed to where we need it most.

Your gift makes survivors feel welcome

It goes towards providing welcome packs that we include in our safe-house rooms, so survivors have the essential things they need when they first arrive.

Your gift helps survivors to build friendships

It goes towards delivering workshops for survivors, helping them find friendship and support as they reintegrate into the community.

Girls running on a beach Girls running on a beach

Helping to make new memories for victims of Modern Slavery

Your gift goes towards making memories

Your money helps pay for day-trips for the residents and children from our safe-houses, so families can create new and happy memories.

Your gift offers people an alternative solution

Your money goes to support economic development projects in source countries, such as Albania, giving vulnerable people hope and a route out of poverty.

Support someone at risk today

Thanks to people like you, we're able to provide support to survivors when they need it the most.

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