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Spot the signs

Modern slavery is a crime against humanity. That’s legal speak for one of the worst crimes out there!

Victims can be any age, race or gender. Some don’t even understand that they have been exploited or are entitled to help or support. 

You can make a huge difference by knowing the signs of possible exploitation and how to report it. 

You should seek advice if a person: 

  • Has no control of their identification documents, such as their passport
  • Works long hours in harsh or unsafe conditions
  • Is living in dirty, cramped or overcrowded accommodation
  • Is living and working at the same address
  • Is not able to move around freely and appears to be under someone else’s control
  • Is rarely allowed to travel on their own
  • Appears frightened, withdrawn or shows signs of physical or psychological abuse e.g. looking malnourished or unkempt 
  • Is reluctant to seek help and avoids eye contact with strangers or the authorities 
  • Is fearful of the police, doesn’t know who to trust or where to get help. 

If you have any concerns about potential victims, do not confront them as this could make them more vulnerable. Instead, contact: 

  • 999 in an emergency
  • 101 to report your concern to the Police
  • Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 in confidence

If you’d like more information about spotting the signs of modern slavery, or to discuss a potential issue in your community, please call us on 0800 06 999 16.

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