Baroness Cox The Medaille Trust is a beacon of hope

Baroness Cox explains why she supports the life saving work of the Medaille Trust:

“I commend to you all the valuable work done by the Trust in supporting the victims of human trafficking who are rescued from situations of modern day slavery in the UK.  Their lives have been shattered by this appalling crime and it requires much skill, expertise and patience by staff of the Trust to help to shape positive futures for these people who have suffered so much in such difficult situations.   For men, women and children, who have often been deeply traumatised by their experiences, and who have lost all their trust in authority and society, the Medaille Trust shines out as a beacon of hope in a troubled world.

Not only does the support the Trust gives to victims help them to rebuild lives but it plays an active role in increasing the possibility of prosecuting the perpetrators of this evil crime.  Good victim care helps to lead to successful prosecutions.  It remains deeply disturbing that traffickers still operate in the UK on such a large scale, but the Trust and its supporters can be proud that they are playing a part in supporting victims, bringing justice for perpetrators and working towards the elimination of this abhorrent practice.”