Safe Houses

Providing safe accommodation for victims of human trafficking

Once victims receive a positive reasonable grounds decision they can be offered supported housing at one of our 10 safe house across England.

Our ten safe houses currently provide accommodation for 137 residents. We have supported victims of human trafficking and modern slavery for 16 years. We have been a specialist partner with the government’s Modern Slavery Victim Care Contract since its commencement in 2011, providing a safe haven for those fleeing exploitation. In each house, our trained staff help rebuild lives: assisting with asylum claims, organising medical treatment, reconnecting victims with their loved ones, supporting service users to develop new skills and moving on into employment and independent living.

Improving well-being and self-confidence

Our safe houses provide a range of opportunities to promote wellbeing and self-confidence among our clients.

These range from Wellbeing Wednesdays with Yoga, cooking and nutrition classes, confidence-building workshops, therapeutic gardening projects, celebration ofcultural events and opportunities to volunteer.

Our safe houses also organise day trips to places such as the seaside, pick-your-own farms and zoos. We also create gardening spaces for residents to relax and reflect in.